The spirits of the forest are restless.

The good folk of Irontown have mined too deep and harvested too far and now the forces of nature and the Nightwalker that guides them are seeking to take back the land. Irontown must stand, the Nightwalker and his minions must be captured and stopped.

A band of scouts from Irontown were chased through the forest by a pair of Dark Wardens and noted that the Wardens were weakened when they passed certain shrines in the area. Experimenting with a captured Sprite, the scouts found that a spirit brought to a shrine looses its energy thus neutralising it. This energy can be collected and used to create special charms to capture more powerful spirits. Maybe even the mighty Nightwalker can be stopped this way...

This is Nature's Wrath.

Nature's Wrath is an all camp game that goes far beyond your average carnival night or capture the flag. And it is offered to you, completely free, by Great Camp Programs.

Throughout this site you will find game rules, set up details, resource lists, instructions on making props, photo and video galleries of the game being played and everything else you may need to bring this epic game to your camp.

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