The Nightwalker must fall.

This section provides a basic overview of the game. For details on running it, including the layout of the game area, props, specific character details and so on, head to the 'Crafting' and 'Documents' pages.

Nutshell: Nature's Wrath is a hybrid game involving a run-around element as well as small station games and scavenger missions. Campers are trying to win over various forest creatures/spirits in order to capture the mighty Nightwalker, the ancient forest god who risks destroying the nearby human settlements.

The Catch: In order to catch the strongest spirits, campers must first start with the smallest and harness the spirit's energy in order to build more powerful charms that can allow stronger spirits to be captured. Think of it as a leveling up system. Also, several spirits are hostile and have powers of their own.

Intro Skit: A celebration of Irontown's latest production is taking place when a raiding party of Wardens and Golems attack the settlement. This is the latest in a series of raids and a decision is made to stop building defenses and go on the offensive to secure the forest and protect the town. A scout reports that they have found various shrines in the area and successfully neutralized a small white spirit when they captured and lead it there. The alchemists of the town are currently working on ways to capture bigger spirits using the spirits' own energy. The campers must prove their worth and defend the town. There are rumors going around of the greatest forest spirit, the Nightwalker has been seen roaming the woodlands close to the town. If he reaches the town then surely we are all doomed. We must take him out first, and quickly! To arms!

Gameplay: The final objective of the game is to bring the Nightwalker under control. He is the largest of the gods roaming the Forest and a capture can not be attempted until later in the game. Campers are issued with flag football belts before the game (these can be purchased but we made our own, details on the 'crafting' page).

The campers operate as individuals and each receive their own reward when a spirit is captured. However it will become necessary from a very early stage for campers to work together as all spirits require multiple campers to capture. Later in the game it may prove worthwhile for older/faster campers to help younger ones capture their spirits and earn tokens as the biggest spirits need campers of a variety of ages, not just the oldest.

When a camper loses all the lives on their belt (from being stolen by hostile spirits) they must immediately return to Irontown even if they are in the middle of a capture. Lives have to be bought from the store using iron (silver painted rocks). This can be easily obtained from the nearby Mines. Having more than one life when going hunting may be a very good idea.

We have a store? Yes! And not only is it the place where you trade in tokens for new charms but it also sells some very useful items for later on in the game. You can get extra lives to continue hunting, Marks of Snoozing help combat hostile Wardens and Inst-a-shrines let you set up new shrines where ever you want. The currency of the store is Iron that can be found around the Mines (watch out for spirits lurking in the mines, your safety is not guaranteed there). Check the store for prices and items.

So I can run around without a care? Not exactly. You're still mortal after all and spirits can be a dangerous lot. Each hunter will get a belt with 3 lives attached. Wardens can steal lives from you one at a time but Golems can take them all in one fell swoop! If you end up out of lives then you have to leave the hunt and retreat back to the Store at Irontown to get more, even if you are in the middle of leading a spirit to a shrine. So watch out!

Spirit Field Guide:

Sprite: Swift - Passive :: White Tokens

· The smallest of the forest spirits, they dress in tattered white clothing, run around swiftly.

· Tagged by two campers, then escorted back to a shrine. Once tagged they are 'imprinted' on their capturers and will follow them.

Dryads: Swift - Passive :: Green Tokens

· Stronger and slightly craftier spirits that run around the Forest dressed in green.

· Tagged by four campers, then escorted back to a shrine. Once tagged they are 'imprinted' on their capturers and will follow them.

Wardens: Swift - Hostile :: Black Tokens

· These are the guardians of the forest. They dress in black and can steal lives from campers who have entered the Forest, even those currently escorting a spirit back to a shrine.

· A warden will try and steal lives from camper's belts. They can't take more than one at a time but are rather relentless.

· Anyone can put a warden to sleep for 10 seconds with a Mark of Snoozing (purchasable from the town store at any point for 10 iron).

· Reveal the Mark to the warden when it's within 3 yards, shout 'SLEEP!' and it will fall asleep where it stands.

· To capture a warden it must first be put to sleep using a Mark of Snoozing and then 6 campers must form a ring around it, shout 'WAKE UP' and then guide the groggy and slightly confused warden to a shrine.

Ancients: Slow - Passive :: Blue Tokens

· Extreme age causes these spirits to move around the forest very slowly. They are identifiable by blue robes and slumped posture.

· To capture an ancient 10 campers must form a ring around it and recite a chant (the chant is hidden in envelopes in the forest) until the ancient reaches a shrine. The ancient will move slowly so some may defend against Wardens.

Golems: Slow - Hostile :: Red Tokens

· Very old and very angry, these spirits roam the forest fueled with rage. They are dressed in tattered red and black with claws.

· If tagged by a golem a camper loses all of their lives in one fell swoop.

· To capture a golem campers must form a ring around it and guide it slowly to a shrine. A golem will stay roughly in the center of any circle formed around it but be warned! A golem is likely to lash out a few steps in any direction every now and then and tag someone. A bigger circle may offer more protection.

Nightwalker: Slow - Passive :: Ends Game

· The most powerful god of the Forest. The Nightwalker roams around at a slow pace often guarded by a band of Wardens. The Nightwalker is a mixture of earth tones and flowing robes and bears a large wooden mask.

· Capturing the Nightwalker ends the game.

· The hunting party of 40 forms a solid ring around the Nightwalker. The Nightwalker will follow the ring slowly and can be led all the way to the a shrine to end the game.