Where can I go to get more programs like Nature's Wrath?
For many other quality games like this one visit

Why is this program being given away for free?
We believe that a quality camp experience can spark the imagination of children and have a profound effect on them for the rest of their lives. We wish to raise the quality of programming across the nation, providing more hands on adventure for children everywhere.

In order to do this, we spend thousands of hours reviewing and refining all of our programs. We wish to pass on to you the benefits of this hard work. is your gateway to a wide collection of excellent programing resources.

Nature's Wrath is an example of what this level of care can do. It comes to you ready to be implemented and played at your camp as are the other programs at

We have loved this game from it's inception and hope it sparks your interest in varied and exciting camp programming.

How many campers/staff was this game written for?
We wrote this game for 90-110 campers (aged 7-16, boys and girls) with 30-40 staff members. It is a flexible game that can be easily adapted to most camp sizes and demographics. 

How do I best modify it for my camp size?
The game can be easily modified through the use of Wardens characters. Wardens can control how fast campers advance in the game by claiming lives and sending players to the mines. Add more wardens and/or tell them to go all out if you have a larger camp. It may be wise to add more sprites and dryads as well since they are heavily sought after throughout the game.

With a larger camp a larger 'store' would help eliminate any lines forming at the store to upgrade charms and get more lives.

Do kids get it?
We go to great lengths to make sure everyone understands what is going on and can enjoy the game. Since our camper age ranges from 7-16 some only need to have it explained once, others 3-4 times. The game itself is also designed to deliver information slowly over time. Campers learn to how to catch each spirit by reading the associated charm and there are signs at the store to explain what can be bought and for how much.

Our campers had the camper handout read to them and explained by their counselor before the game started (usually lunch or dinner time). The staff have played before so they are able to answer any questions. We then run through the basic rules again during the opening skit so they are fresh in the minds of the campers and finally we have the Watchmen and Store crew to help explain what's going on during the game.

As a result, we find that everyone understands what is going on by 5-10 minutes into the game. Even the youngest ones who may not grasp the larger strategy, feel like they are being trusted to participate in a grand adventure and they are often the most excited participants of the game.

Do all kids enjoy it?
Watch the videos to see just how caught up in this game the campers can be. The game was designed to be accessible and exciting for all ages and abilities. It encourages older campers to help out younger and make sure they're not left behind. Marks of Snoozing allow campers to turn the tables on the Wardens and empowers them greatly while other items like 'Inst-a-shrines' call for some tactical thinking. We find that kids love a challenge and presenting them with a game that is a little more complicated than usual allows them to rise to the occasion. It is a rewarding experience and you'd be surprised just how capable they can be. 

What are the set up costs?
This game can cost as much or as little as you are willing to put into it. If money is an issue you can play it largely with things that would be laying around a camp already. The atmosphere of the game can benefit from added time and effort. You could pull this off for as little as $25, we spent about a $100 but feel free to go crazy! 

How long does it take to set up?
At the start of the summer we prepare all of our games (ie: gather materials and make props). This is in addition to the set up that happens on the day the game is being played (ie: handing out lanyards and scripts).

In terms of early prep work you'll spend a majority of the set up time cutting and assembling lanyards and printing charms/tokens, we chose to laminate signs/charms/tokens which took a litle longer but meant they could be used over and over again. Props and costumes can take an hour or a day depending on the level of detail you wish to incorporate. This amounts to approximately one staff member working for one day. More hands make lighter work.