Prep the printers!

Here you will find all the print-outs needed to run the game and a bunch of supporting documents. Most are in .pdf or .doc format and several are zipped together for ease of download.

Core Documents:

Irrep Font File <1 File TFF 0.41MB>
The themed font 'Irrep' used in all these documents. To install, simply copy it into c:/windows/fonts. 
A restart may be needed for the font to display.

Handout / Synopsis <1 File DOC 0.19MB>
The basic game handout for counselors to read to campers.

Character Information <1 File DOC 0.42MB>
A guide for each and every spirit and townsperson in the game.

Intro Skit <1 File DOC 0.14MB>
Introduction skit for the game.

Outro Skit <1 File DOC 0.13MB>
Ending skit for the game.

Game Setup <1 File DOC 0.15MB>
A basic setup list for preparing the game.

Game Breakdown <1 File DOC 0.14MB>
A guide to breaking down the game.

Staff Signup <1 File DOC 0.23MB>
Sign up sheet and brief character descriptions if staff want to sign up for certain roles.

This sign-up is for a camp with ~35 staff and ~100 campers.

Ancient Chant <1 File PDF 0.42MB>
The 'Chant of the Ancients' required for capturing an Ancient

Music <1 File PDF 0.33MB>
Recomendations for music to go with the game.



Complete set of all 6 spirit charms (front and back, 16 per page) <12 Files PDF 30.2MB>
Print the 'fronts' first and then print the 'backs' on the reverse side. This can then be laminated and cut out using a guillotine. Hole's can be punched in the corner circle and the charm is ready for use.
We made 1 charm of each spirit type for each camper that was playing (plus several spares)

Complete set of all 5 spirit tokens (88 per page) <5 Files PDF 11.9MB>
Print these out in full color and laminate. Use the grey lines as a guide when cutting. A single hole can be punched anywhere on the token. There are no Nightwalker tokens as the Nightwalker doesn't hand out any.

We found making twice the number of tokens for the number of campers playing worked well. You can group a few dozen on a split ring (the same as you use to make the lanyards) and hand these to each respective Spirit at the start of the game. This way they have an organized stock of tokens to give away when captured.

One of the roles of the Watchmen (game leaders) is to pick up 'cashed in' tokens from the Store and run them back to the Spirits to ensure no Spirit runs out.

Store Posters <2 Files PDF 0.9MB>
These are signs that you can put next to the store as quick reference. We had two of each of these on display for campers to read as well as a set for the store keepers to reference as well.